Actor. Writer. Photographer. Great source of iron.


Rigel loves referring to herself in the 3rd person!

See below for evidence…

October 2019 - New sketch and uh, it went VIRAL. Bro Jogan, a sketch by The Rousso Brothers starring Andrew Rousso and Rigel Harris

October 2019 - Check out Free Yolo, a new sketch parody of the Oscar-winning movie ‘Free Solo.’ Sketch by Andrew Rousso and Paul Emile, starring Andrew Rousso and Rigel Harris!

October, 2019 - Rigel will be performing in a reading of Christopher Shinn’s new play, The Motion.

October, 2019 - Rigel will be performing in a reading of The Bell Sisters by Emily Dendinger.

September, 2019 - Rigel has begun working with Prestige Management.

April, 2019 - We Are The Strippers, a sketch written by Rigel, has been released by Means of Productions, a Brooklyn-based sketch producing company. Sketch embedded below.

March, 2019 - July, 2019 - Rigel is currently working in the writers room of a new television series on Showtime Networks Inc with showrunner Adam Rapp and writers Clare Barron, Sarah Delappe, Jen Silverman, Susan Soon He Stanton, Sharr White, and Ted Malawer.

March, 2019 - The trailer for ‘Lost in Place,’ a short film starring Rigel was released! Check it out here:

March, 2019 - Rigel will be playing the role of Felicity in a reading of ‘My American Girl Doll Play’ by Justine Gelfman, at Access Theater.

March, 2019 - Rigel will be doing a reading of ‘Me and My Muslim Cleaning Lady’ by Eliza Foss at Ensemble Studio Theatre.

January, 2019 - Rigel worked on a reading of ‘The Plan’ by Mary Elizabeth Hamilton, directed by Joel Kirk.

December, 2018 - ‘We The Strippers,’ a sketch written and performed by Rigel, was shot by ‘Means of Production,’ a sketch comedy-producing company in New York City. To be released shortly.

December, 2018 - Rigel was selected to participate in a weekend-long workshop with Anne Bogart at the SITI Company’s studios.

November, 2018 - Rigel was featured as a voiceover artist in ‘Reel Rock 13,’ a film about rock climbing made by the world’s premiere rock climbing film team, Reel Rock.

November, 2018 - Rigel performed in a reading of a new play by Teddy Bergman and David Rossmer.

November, 2018 - Rigel played Arviragus in a workshop reading of ‘Cymbeline’, performed by The Queen’s Company.

October, 2018 - Rigel played Lady Chatterly in a workshop of Lea McKenna Garcia’s #metooLADYCHATTERLY at IRT Theater.

October, 2018 - Rigel played Felicity in a reading of Justine Gelfman’s ‘My American Girl Doll Play’ at Access Theater directed by Susanna Wolk.

September, 2018 - Rigel is in a new sketch by Means of Productions entitled 'Who I Am.' CLICK HERE to watch!


October, 2018 - Rigel will be playing the role of Arviragus in The Queen's Company's reading of 'Cymbeline,' directed by Rebecca Patterson.

June, 2018: 'Electric Rosary' reading at Manhattan Theatre Club, a new play written by Tim Foley and directed by Teddy Bergman.

June, 2018: Rigel is freelancing with Paradigm for commercial work!

May 16, 2018 - After 9 months at Actors Theatre of Louisville, Rigel is back in New York City!